The Reactor Rebounder is a unique product in the same mould as the swingball where every garden needs one! The Reactor is a sturdy single sided rebound net that produces an unpredictable rebound. Use any ball with your reactor and play alone or with friends and family. It’s guaranteed hours of great family fun!!

In addition to the fun factor which is key for your child’s enjoyment, the reactor also has some hidden benefits. Did you know 30% of your brain is taken up with visual information and processing and 85% of your learning is through visual pathways. The good news is that vision is learned and is highly trainable! Practising your throwing and catching with the Reactor is a great way to develop these skills and that could lead to other benefits such as improved concentration and thus performance at school will also improve. This is especially important in children with disorders such as dyspraxia and a reactor is a great way to develop improvements in hand eye co-ordination and reactions.