INFO | Assembly Instructions

Improper set up or use of Reactor Rebounder can result in serious injury. Read and follow the enclosed instructions or below for the proper and safe use of the Reactor Rebounder before you begin.

Step 1 | Frame Support Assembly

Join the 2 frame stand L Bars (#4) together with the double clip connector (#6) making sure both grips are on the same side. Join each single clip connector (#5) with open ends of L- Bars. Set aside

Step 2 | Adjustment Arm Assembly

Fully loosen the knob lock Adjustment Arm (#7) and slide all the way down over Adjustment Arm (#8). Tighten the knob to secure. Set aside.

Step 3 | Frame Assembly

Connect Top Left Frame L – Bar (#1) and Top Right Frame Bar (#1) with a frame connector piece (#3) making sure that the bolt holes are on each side. The frame connector piece will slide into the L – Bars. This is the top of the rebounder frame.

Bolt holes must be opposite of each other when you put the frame together. If they are not you will be unable to attach the frame stand. As shown in circles on above diagram

Connect bottom left frame L Bar (#2) and bottom right frame L Bar (#2) with frame connector piece(#3), making sure the grips are both on the same side. This is the bottom of the rebounder frame. Slide the last 2 frame connector pieces (#3) into the ends of part (#2). Slide the top of the frame into the bottom of the frame.

NOTE: For easy assembly, make sure to slide the top frame over each connector at the same time. Make sure all
connections are completely secured.

Step 4 | Net Attachment

Lay the assembled frame on a flat surface and lay the net in the middle of the frame with the bungee loops up.

Starting at the top of the frame, grasp one of the middle bungees by the knob. Pull the knob over the frame (4a) and wrap it under so it loops the frame (4b). Pull the knob through the bungee to secure on the frame (4c). While holding the net, slide the rubber tube up towards the knob (4d). Repeat the steps above on the other three sides.

Once you have finished connecting all the middle bungees, move onto connecting each of the corners. Once you have the corners and middle bungees connected, connect the remaining bungees to frame.

Step 5 | Greater Net Tension

If you require more net tension, the net can tightened following the below steps.

All your bungees should be connected and facing up as pictured.

NOTE: Bungees should be tightened based on the same pattern you used in STEP 4. Perform this step carefully as the bungees creates very high tension.
Slide the pointed end of the reaction rebounder net tool into the part of the bungee looped around the net (5a). Pull the bungee loop towards the knob (5b). Pull the bungee over the loop and rest the net tool on the other side of the frame to help steady the bungee tool (5c)

Holding the tension of the bungee with the net tool against the frame, use your fingers to slip the bungee under the knob to secure (5d) and then slide the tool out. Once finished, your bungee and knob should resemble image (5e). Make sure the bungee is secure under the knob. Repeat on the remaining bungees. Make sure the bungees in the corners fall into the groves of the frame; slide them over and into the grooves if they are not there already.

Step 6| Attaching The Frame Supports To The Rebounder

Lay the frame with attached net down on the ground, bungee knobs touching the ground, and place the frame stand down around the bottom of the frame. Slide the bolt through the frame stand and slide two (2) black washers onto the bolt, then slide bolt into the frame. Slide one (1) sliver washer onto the bolt. Tighten the bolt with a nut and wrench. Make sure the nut is on the inside of the frame. Repeat on other side.

Step 7 | Connect Adjustment Arm To Frame

Clip the adjustment arm onto the middle of the frame stand in-between the grips. Stand the rebounder up and clip the other end of the adjustment arm to the top of the rebounder frame. Make sure the bungee knobs face towards the back of your rebounder. Your Reactor Rebounder is now ready to use.

Step 8 | Adjusting The Angle Of The Reactor Rebounder

Simply loosen the knob on the adjustment arm and move the poles furtherapart or closer together depending on what angle you want. Tighten the knob when you have reached the desired angle.

Step 9 | Storage

There is no need to disassemble the rebound net once you have put it together. Simply fold up by unclipping the adjustment arm from the frame and sliding it into the net.