Getting started

A great line up of activities for all reactor lovers, from the very youngest through to adults. Alter the ball type to vary the difficulty level of these challenges.

These activities develop a wide range of vision and co-ordination skills, and provide a lot of repetition in a short space of time to promote rapid skill development.

Individual games

Step back & Catch

“Tests the accuracy of your throw whilst mastering the pace on the throw itself is also vital to success in this challenge”

  1. Start at 2 metres, throw and catch the ball off the reactor net
  2. If you make a successful catch you step back a metre
  3. See how far you can go back without dropping the ball. If you drop a catch you return to the first distance
One Minute Challenge

“Challenging and intensive. A great workout for visual concentration”

  1. Throw and catch the ball as many times as possible in one minute standing a distance of 2 metres away from the reactor net.
  2. Have lots of spare balls, just in case you miss the odd one.
  3. Only catches count in your score – don’t count the balls you drop.
  4. Record your scores and keep practising to improve your hand speed and visual concentration
One Hand, One Knee

“Challenge your skills by catching the ball off the reactor in different body positions which are more tricky as the game goes on”

  1. Start throwing and catching the ball … Everytime you drop the ball you follow the next forfeit in this pattern
  • Down on one knee
  • Down on two knees
  • Two knees and one elbow
  • Two knees and two elbows
  • Chin on the floor too!!!
Clap & Catch

Simple game to play with your Reactor Rebounder. Stand about 2 metres away from your Reactor. You then must throw the ball onto the net and clap once before you catch the ball. Challenge yourself with 2,3,4,5 and maybe even 6 claps between catches. Give yourself more time by positioning yourself further away from the net.

Team games

Catching Arc

“This is a great fun team game which uses the unpredictability of the reactor … you never know who the ball will rebound too!”

  1. All players make an arc around the Reactor
  2. Player 1 throws the ball onto the net. The ball will rebound to someone else in the arc and that player must try and catch the ball
  3. The new catcher then throws the ball and so on
  4. If the ball comes towards you, you must try and catch it, otherwise you loose a life.
  5. Think of a word such as “HORSE” – when you drop a catch you get a letter such as H … the loser is the person that spells the word first!
Throw and Go

“Test visual, advanced mobility, ball and co-ordination skills with this fun game for small groups”

  1. Team members line up behind thrower
  2. Throw is made from a marker 2 metres behind the reactor … the thrower then returns to the end of the line
  3. The next person in the queue is the catcher and they must make the catch
  4. The rotation continues

Vary the distance of the marker from the reactor to match the skill level of the group

Parent and child play

Turn and Catch

A parent throws the ball at the Reactor. The catcher initially faces away from the Reactor then once the ball is in the air, turns and reacts to catch the ball.

Throw and Go

Game instructions and rules to follow…